Två miljoner turister önskas

Södra Cypern har 6-7 miljoner turister, och främst folk som hinkar alkohol.

Norra ska nu försöka dra hit fler cykel-vandrings-spa-bad-golf-hästmänniskor.

Just nu sägs det vara 400 000 turister ifrån Europa som hittar hit.


TWO million tourists bringing income of $2 billion for the tourism sector is the new government’s target, said incoming Tourism and Environment Minister Ünal Üstel – but an industry insider expressed anger that “lack of planning” meant this summer was a write-off and the coalition was already late in looking to next year.

Announcing his vision on BRT state television, Mr Üstel acknowledged the need for more promotions, a bigger tourism budget and better transport links, saying the latter was the “biggest reason” for a decline in visitor numbers.

“There is not enough transportation and because competition is limited, [air fares] are high. If we can end the obstacles of transportation, we will open the way for tourism,” he said, adding that they were to “intensify” contacts with Turkey on the issue.

“We will ask [them] to increase the number of Turkish airlines charter flights . . . and to reduce tax on arrivals here. [Doing that] will really address the transportation problem.”

Åk över Istanbul, det är enklast

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